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WOD – 195.0 –

February 1, 2018
This is a structural day with the purpose of building your body up. Make it hard on yourself, not easy. Go lighter and slower instead of heavier and faster. Don't look for ways to be more efficient but instead look for ways to make your muscles burn more.


DB Powell Raise - 3 sets of 12 reps per side

-Light and Slow with Elbow Locked Straight

-Straight Arm Strength is very important in gymnastics and this is a great way to incorporate some in your warm ups


Warm Up the Movements


10 Min - Sled Rope Pull -

Each athlete will pull their sled (or KB) for as many lengths as necessary to achieve complete fatigue while maintaining a certain position and recruitment pattern. Athletes should jog their rope back to the opposite side of the gym to minimize rest b/w lengths.

10 Min - Banded Ring Pulldown -

Each athlete will pull their ring for as many reps as necessary to achieve complete fatigue while maintaining a certain position and recruitment pattern. Athletes should shoot for 5 sets at the most with short rest periods.

10 Min - Sled Push + Farmers Carry

Run that sled for a few laps at a heavy weight at a fast pace till you want to quit. Then pick up a pair of KBs and walk around for a little bit till your grip gives our or your sled opens up.


Scores from Wednesday

WOD – 194.9 –

January 31, 2018

MB Chest Walk - 90 Seconds

KB Balance Drill - 1 min per leg


6 Min EMOM

5 Snatch Balance - Empty Barbell - Just warm up

For those athlete who regularly attend barbell club and are familiar with the snatch balance, try to do this EMOM with Drop Snatches.


3 min AMRAP x 4 Sets - 2 min rest b/w sets

15 Overhead Squat (75/55) Rx+ 115/75

9 Toes to Bar


Pick up where you left off so you have a running score.


Scores from Tuesday

WOD – 194.8 –

January 30, 2018

Front Level Pulldown with Band - 3 Sets to Fatigue or Positional Failure

This is an especially important movement for the typical CrossFitter shoulder. If you find yourself shrugging your shoulders at any point here, relax and reset b/c that is out of position.


Bent Over Rows - 5 sets of 5 Reps per arm - Heavy

Fantastic Video describing this movement, it's purpose and the most common mistake athletes make when going Heavy


10 Min AMRAP

3 Deadlifts (135/95) Rx+ 205/135

3 Handstand Push-Ups

6 Deadlifts


9 Deadlifts


etc. etc. etc.


If your posterior chain is really sore from the 100 KB Swings yesterday, then go light on the deadlifts.


Scores from Monday

WOD – 194.7 –

January 29, 2018

Banded Glute Bridge + Banded Abd - 2 min AMRAP


Here We Go!!! The Highly Anticipated, Widely Feared, and Universally Enjoyed

20 Rep Max - Back Rack Alternating Reverse Lunges


4 Rounds

25 KB Swings (53/35) Rx+ 70/53

20 Single Arm KB Overhead Lunges (53/35) Rx+ 70/53

45 Double Unders


This WOD looks so good that I'm coming out of retirement for it

My only advice to anyone going Rx+, get out the pool if you're drowning...


Scores from Sunday

WOD – 194.6 –

January 28, 2018

DB Side Plank - 30 seconds x 2 - Heavy


Warm Up all movements


4 Stations - 5 Minutes per Station - Running Clock - 1 Round

Station 1 - Row (1 Cal = 1 Point)

Station 2 - Burpee Box Jumps (24/20) (1 Burpee Box Jump = 2 Points)

Station 3 - Shuttle Sprint (1 Shuttle Sprint = 3 Points)

Station 4 - Sumo Deadlift (155/105) (1 Deadlift = 1 Point)


Athletes, don't sprint at the start or at the end of your 5 minute shuttle sprint. You will be fatigue, you probably haven't done much running as of late and the Open is around the corner. Instead, keep a steady fast pace so you get lots of fitness without pullin a hammy.


Scores from Saturday

WOD – 194.5 –

January 27, 2018

Quadruped Crawl - 90 Second AMRAP


Warm Up & Go


30 min AMRAP

30 1-Arm DB Power Cleans (50/35)

20 Quadruped MB Rolls (20/15) Rx+ Quadruped KB Drag (53/35)

10 Pull-Ups (Rx+ Chest to Bar)

20 AbMat Sit-Ups

30 Slam Ball (20/15) (Rx+ Catch the MB on the Bounce is required)



Quadruped KB Drag for Rx+

This is going to be brutal but only complete reps with proper spinal position. Think Hollow Body. If you want to drag a KB but the 53/35 is too heavy, go with a lighter bell


Scores from Friday


WOD – 194.4 –

January 26, 2018
There are at least 2 sides to every story and this video represents 1 side. I happen to believe everything in this video is true. There are certainly bad trainers out there who have and are probably hurting people instead of helping them. However, I believe the best way to combat that unfortunate fact is through widespread education of healthy exercise, starting at a young age. CrossFit, Marathons, Bodybuilding, Yoga, they all have a known effect on the body when performed responsibly and they are all good. I believe it is the sovereign right of an adult to choose which type of exercise to do for themselves and honest education is necessary. In my opinion, the empowerment of people through education is truly the best solution in this situation.


Band Pull-Apart - 2 min AMRAP

-keep those shoulders down and avoid contracting your upper traps when fatigue sets in


Bench Press

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps - Building


3 Rounds

30 Second AMRAP - AirBike Sprint (1 Cal = 1 Point)

30 Second Rest

1 min AMRAP - Thrusters (45/35) (1 Rep = 1 Point)

1 min Rest

2 min AMRAP - Kipping HSPU (1 Rep = 1 Point)

3 min Rest & Repeat


If we all had our own clock, this wouldn't be complicated. But we don't and it might be. We will have to go in heats of 5 athletes at a time considering there are only 5 AirBikes. Heat 2 will start at the 2 minute mark, Heat 3 at the 4 minute mark and Heat 4 at the 6 minute mark.

Heat Start Times

Heat 1 - 0 - 8 - 16

Heat 2 - 2 - 10 - 18

Heat 3 - 4 - 12 - 20

Heat 4 - 6 - 14 - 22

It is going to be difficult for the coaches to actually coach AND watch the clock for all heats so that athletes can be told when to start and when to stop. For this reason, I think we need the athletes to watch the clock and advance when they should, on their own, without reliance on the coach to indicated when it's time to start and stop. Good luck to all!


Scores from Thursday

WOD – 194.3 –

January 25, 2018

Side Shuffle - 3 to 5 min AMRAP

-we will do this in teams with 1 athlete working at a time

-this is submaximal work so just go easy and stop once you've had enough


Warm Up & Go


20 Min AMRAP

20 Alternating KB Goblet Reverse Lunges (53/35) Rx+ 70/53

20 Power Cleans (135/95)

60 Double Unders


Considering there was no eccentric loading on your legs yesterday, I am hoping they are not really really sore today. Watch out for your lower legs, they might not like doing double unders without lots of warm up.



WOD – 194.2 –

January 24, 2018
Today we are going to work very hard but not for time and not in a competitive environment. Today you will be asked to complete work as perfectly as possible but not as fast as possible. If you feel yourself begin to compensate, please stop and rest and then continue. Today is a "Structural Workout" where the goal is not to win, not to get as good a score as possible but instead to improve the structure of your body. I hope you enjoy it.


Banded Chest Flies - 3 sets


Organize and Begin


Sled Drag - 20 Lengths

-Rest between lengths but avoid resting in the middle of a length

-Go as heavy as possible while maintained the specific position discuss and the specific muscular tension required

-If you feel yourself starting to use a compensatory position to avoid failure, please stop immediately, rest and continue your length properly. Adjust weight for the next length so you don't require rest to do 1 length correctly.

DB Hollow Rock - 10 Sets

-Rest b/w sets so you can continuously achieve 20 to 45 seconds of quality movement

-Go as heavy as possible while maintained the specific position discuss and the specific muscular tension required

-If you feel yourself compensating to expand your set, please stop instead

Sled Harness Walk - 20 Lengths

-Rest b/w lengths but avoid resting in the middle of a length

-Go as heavy as possible while maintaining specified position and specified muscular tension required

-Don't compensate


There are no scores today, just hard work

Scores from Monday


WOD – 194.1 –

January 23, 2018

Farmers Walk - 3 min AMRAP

This is all about how your grip the implement so no hook grip, no fingertip grip. You need a deep palm grip with your thumb working hard and your knuckles down.


1-Arm Bent Over DB Row

5 sets of 8 to 12 reps - minimal rest



Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) Rx+ 115/75

Lateral Burpee Bar Hops


Rx burpees today must be double leg kick in and double leg kick out with a 2 foot hop and landing.


Scores from Monday