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WOD – 169.2 –

April 13, 2017

Band Pull-Aparts - 2 min x 1



4 min AMRAP - High Effort

10 Burpees to OH Target

16 Alternating Reverse Lunges


4 Min of Work - 4 Min of Rest x 4 Rounds

250 Meter Run

AMRAP Sled Push (45/35) or AirBike (Cals)

-1 Length = 10 Points

-1 Cal = 3 Points


Alternating Sled Push and AirBike every round so that you complete 2 rounds of Sled and 2 of Bike.


Scores from Wednesday

WOD – 169.1 –

April 12, 2017

1 Legged Hip Lift - 1 Min per side x 1 Set



Work up to a Heavy Single or attempt a Personal Record

-If you're under 1 year of heavy lifting, then every time you attempt a heavy single, it should be a lifetime PR.


1 Round For Time

50 Alternating DB Reverse Lunges (50/35)

50 Deadlifts (185/125) Rx+225/155

100 Double Unders

500 Meter Row


Scores from Tuesday

WOD – 169.0 –

April 11, 2017

1/2 Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press

3 sets of 6 to 8 reps per side


Double DB Row + Pause

5 sets of 6 to 8 Reps


20 min AMRAP

15 Floor Press (80/60) Rx+ 115/75

15 Kipping Pull-Ups (Rx+ DB Kipping Pull-Ups 35/20)

30 DB Anchored MB Sit-Ups (20/15)


Notes - Floor press is slightly heavier than last week so increase if necessary. Always remember, worst case scenario for this movement is really bad so keep your focus and stay safe. Rx+ DB Kipping Pull-Ups requires that you squeeze a DB b/w your legs, crossing the legs helps a lot as does pants. All athlete must hold their MB against their upper chest during all portions of the AbMat sit-up. Reaching the MB away from your upper chest during the movement is not allow for Rx reps and simply a sign that you need to lower the MB weight or slow down.


Scores from Monday

WOD – 168.9 –

April 10, 2017

Side Plank Rotations - 1 min per side x 1 set


Drill the Squat Snatch with WOD weight


Build up to a 3RM to be completed within a 30 seconds window

Pick either the Squat Snatch or the Squat Clean



1 Round

30 Squat Snatch (115/75)

250 Meter Plate Carry (45/25)

30 Squat Cleans (135/95)

250 Meter Plate Carry (45/25)



- The two options for the Skill/Strength represent different skill levels. If you believe your Squat Snatch needs some work, then practice with WOD weight so you can work on technique a bit. If you're form is solid, go for the 3 rep max.


Scores from Sunday

WOD – 168.8 –

April 9, 2017

Seated DB External Shoulder Rotation

-2 sets of 15 to 20 Per Side


Standing Hollow Pull Through

3 sets of 15 Reps

I IMPROVE YOUR KIP | -------------------------------------------------🔹Welcome to #5daysCFGkipping🔹 We are going to work the dynamic kipping swing and also have you perform strict pull-ups each day. It is imperative to build strict pulling strength before performing the kipping pull-up but once you can hang in an active start position, you can drill the kip without the pull-up portion. Drill 1 #5daysCFGkipping -STANDING HOLLOW PULL THROUGHS - ------------------------------*This drill is teaching you how to move through the shoulder girdle while maintaining a hollow body. This will create a more efficient kip if you learn how to maintain a streamlined body while kipping through active shoulders/lats. ------------------------------ 1.Step back enough so there is tension on the band 2.Start by placing heels together, pulling pelvis under and ribs “tucked” in and pulling towards belly button 3.pull band down with straight arms and then return to FULL extension overhead so you feel tension on band - Make sure you do NOT open ribs out of the hollow position while pulling up overhead. ------------------------------ COMPLETE: 3x15 & in between each set do 5 strict pullups (scale to box toe-assist pullups) ------------------------------ #cfg #cfgymnastics #cfgseminars #crossfitgymnastics #gymnasty #crossfit #cfgfamily #crossfittraining @crossfittraining @crossfit

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3 Rounds

250 Meter Run

15 Toes To Bar

250 Meter Run

25 KB Swings (53/35)


Scores from Saturday

WOD – 168.7 –

April 8, 2017

1 Legged Hip Lift - 1 Min AMRAP per Leg x 1 set


Warm Up


"Death By Front Squat"

(135/95) Rx+ 155/105

---3 Min Rest---

"Death By Deadlift"

(225/155) Rx+ 275/185


Score = total reps


In minute 1 of the WOD, do 1 Front Squat. In minute 2 of the WOD, do 2 Front Squats. In minute 3 of the WOD, do 3 Front Squats and continue as long as you can complete the requisite number of Front Squat. At the end of "Death By Front Squats", for example, you will complete your final full minute with only seconds left, thereby gaining access to the next minute, which you know you won't be able to complete due to extreme fatigue. You can choose to quit there or you can continue through that last minute and accumulate as many reps as possible even though you know you won't complete enough to pass that minute.

Then rest for 3 minute during which time you add weight to your barbell for the deadlift portion. Complete "Death By Deadlifts" just as you did "Death By Front Squats".


Scores from Friday

WOD – 168.6 –

April 7, 2017

1 DB Rack Carry - 90 Seconds Per Side x 1 Set - heavy as possible

-Use a weight that gives you a shot at completing the 90 seconds without dropping your DB


Warm Up


For Time

500 Meter Row (Go for a PR)

---6 min rest---

4 Minutes of Work - 3 Minutes of Rest x 3 Sets

20 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

AMRAP Rowing in remaining time


Scores = 500 Meter Row / Meters Rowed


Scores from Thursday

WOD – 168.5 –

April 6, 2017

Scapular Push-Ups - 2 sets of 20 reps


Practice the Floor Press & Muscle Clean


3 Rounds For Time (Rx+ 4 Rounds)

20 Floor Press (75/55) Rx+ 95/65

20 Muscle Clean

20 Shoulder to Overhead


Scores from Wednesday

WOD – 168.4 –

April 5, 2017

Front Rack Mobility - Coaches Choice - 5 min Run Time


Warm Up & Go


5 Rounds (Rx+ 7 Rounds)

6 Strict Pull-Ups (Rx+ Strict Chest to Bar)

8 Alternating Front Rack Reverse Lunges (135/95)

6 Front Squats


Notes - If you were in attendance last Friday, then you lunged. Today we lunge again! The same way and with the same weight (or more).


Scores from Tuesday


WOD – 168.3 –

April 4, 2017

Band X Walk - 2 min AMRAP x 1 set


Power Clean - Build up to a 1 Rep Max

Weightlifting Inspiration


5 Rounds For Time

5 Power Cleans (185/125) Rx+ 225/155

10 Lateral Bar Burpees (Rx+ 15 reps)


Scores from Monday