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October 31, 2012

Climb that Rope!


15 min AMRAP

Step Downs One Arm DB Overhead 20 reps alternating Legs

AbMat Situps with Plate Overhead


Step Downs - Start on top of the box with one arm overhead holding a Dumbbell, step down with one leg and then step immediately back up with that same leg while holding that DB overhead.  Alternate legs per rep, after 10 reps switch arms.


AbMat Situps - Start on your back while holding a plate over your face, situp and get that plate overhead, keeping your elbows locked open the entire time.



WOD – 5.1 – Hamstrings+Glutes+Lower Back = Posterior Chain

October 30, 2012
Today we are going to tax it a bit




Touch and go reps

Increase Weight each set

Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets

Sets 1-3: Moderate

Sets 4-6: Tough

If unable to maintain back position, decrease weight


For time:

Row 750 Meters

50 Deadlifts (225/155)

30 Burpees (Jump to a 45# plate)

Scale Deadlift weight to 60% of your best 3 RM


Note: Rope Climb Skill Coming tomorrow so please bring lower leg protection (tight high socks will do)

WOD – 5.0 – Some Legs, Some Arms, Some Middle

October 29, 2012

Every Minute, On the Minute

2 Front Squats at 60-65% of your 1 RM (your heaviest single)

The goal is to perform these Front Squats with Speed on the Way up

Control the downward portion and from the bottom, stand as fast as possible


5 min AMRAP x2 - 2 min rest b/w

8 Wall Ball

8 One Arm DB Snatch (40/20)

8 Pullups

Rest 2 min



Carbs Make you Loose your Mind...Literally

WOD – 4.9 – Thanks For all the Support Guys

October 28, 2012
Barbells for Boobs was a huge Success, we will tally up the money soon but we think we beat our goal by a few hundred.


Bench Press

Work up to a couple heavy sets of 5 reps


3 rds for time

30 Walking Lunges (Plate Overhead or DBs in Hands)

20 KB Swings (53/36lbs)

10 Burpees

20 Toes to Bar


Ab Work from 1940...kind of cool, especially number 10...

Dynamic Abs Exercises

WOD – 4.8 – Barbells for Boobs Fundraiser

October 27, 2012

"We are dedicated to providing funding for qualified low income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. Funding for screenings and diagnostic procedures is not only a necessity, but really does"

$15 to participate in the WOD today, all proceeds go to Barbells for Boobs




30 Power Clean and Jerks for time


WOD – 4.7 – Friday 5k

October 26, 2012
Just Kidding...


Open Gym for 20 min

-Practice a new skill

-Foam roll tight tissue

-Get ready for Saturday's fundraiser


1 round for time

1000 Meter Row (staggered starts for large classes)

100 Jump Rope (50 Double Unders)

50 Box Jumps (24/20)

50 Sit-ups

WOD – 4.6 – Bring Your Running SHoes…

October 25, 2012

MUSCLE UPs... We will learn progressions with feet on the ground and rings on the rig as well as progressions with the use of jump boxes with rings from the ceiling


5 Rounds for time (30 min time cap)

Run 800 Meters

12 Pullups

21 Push Press (95/55)

WOD – 4.5 – Greatest Fulcrum in History—The Butt

October 24, 2012

Power Clean Work

If Experienced, Then Build Up to 4 sets of, which means 4 reps with 10 seconds rest b/w reps

If Inexperienced, Then Work with Coach to refine movement


4 rounds for time (10 min Cap)

10 Power Cleans

10 One Legged Box Squats, Alternating Legs By Rep, 5 reps per leg per Round

5 min Rest (If you finish WOD 1 before 10 min, then you are to rest exactly 5 minutes on your own and start WOD 2 on time)

WOD #2

4 rds for time

10 Deadlifts

10 Jump Squats

WOD – 4.4 – Pullups Today, Lets Perfect the Basics

October 23, 2012

Pullup Clinic - Work on the next progression that will get you closer to your first pullup


Nine Rounds for time

7 Burpees

14 Sprinter Situps

7 Pullups

WOD – 4.3 – Minute to Win It

October 22, 2012

Power Clean Skill Work


WOD #1

On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:

Thruster x 5 reps

(take the weight from the floor for every rep = a Power Clean)

The goal is max weight lifted, i.e. 5 reps x 75lbs x 12 = 4,500 lbs

There is no RX for men or women, work at your own strength level


Rest 5 minutes


On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:

20 Double Unders + Max Rep Pushups

The goal is max number of push-ups completed at the end of the 12 minutes


1 151 152 153 154 155 157