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WOD – 193.1 –

WOD – 193.1 –

January 13, 2018

PVC Thoracic Spine Mobility Movements - 3 minutes of playing with some of these


Practice some different Toes To Bar progressions like this one to teach basic position

And this drill to reinforce speed and rhythm of hip flexion for intermediate and advanced athletes

| TOES TO BAR DRILL | --------------------------- Having trouble with the cadence of #ttb swings? Try out this band drill to see if it helps set you in the right direction ------------------------------------------------- ▪️set the band up so it hits upperback. ------------------------------------------------- Why this helps: ✔️The band "forces" you to generate power from your lats/shoulders instead of hips ✔️After the toes make contact w the bar - the band "pushes" you into the arch & generates the correct cadence to your swing --------------------------------------------- 🔺This drill is shown with straight legs & the tuck/kick method. ----------------------------------------------- Check out my bio link for 2 FREE weeks...a program put together by me & Dr of PT @thebarbellphysio to build more strength in core/shoulders/lower body to make your training more effective & stay ahead of your injuries. ------------------------------------------------ 🔺HEAD OVER TO @cfgymnastics and click their bio link for MORE amazing courses! ----------------------------- #cfg #cfgymnastics #cfgseminars #crossfitgymnastics #gymnasty #crossfit #cfgfamily #crossfittraining @crossfittraining @crossfit 🎥@risingcrossfit

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20 Min AMRAP

25 Jumping Air Squats

15 KB Swings (53/35) Rx+ 70/53

10 Toes to Bar


Scores from Friday