Why Train at CFS?

We are often asked what differentiates CrossFit Syracuse from the other CrossFit and strength and conditioning options in our area. Know that all CrossFit is not created equal. CrossFit is an affiliate program and not a franchise, which means that there are basic credential requirements and an annual affiliate fee, but each gym is owned and operated entirely independently. Pricing, programming, coaching, facilities, equipment and experience will vary widely, and we encourage you to check out a few gyms to get a feel for which is the best fit for you. Here are just a few things that set CFS apart:

  • The experience, education, specialization and diversity of our Coaches.
  • Head Coach Dan Goldberg is one of the most prolific and accomplished CrossFit competitors and coaches in the Northeast Region.
  • The number of class times we offer on our Schedule – 51 regular CrossFit classes per week to suit any schedule.
  • Our specialty offerings – dive deeper into your favorite discipline, work on your weaknesses, and care for your body with Barbell Club, Gymnastics, Competitor’s Class, Yoga, and Dirty Work Conditioning.
  • Dedicated open gym space to accommodate extra work outside of class during all operating hours.
  • A professional nutrition program run by Precision Nutrition Certified Coach Katie Piston that includes regular gym wide challenge programs and custom nutrition coaching. We’ll teach you how to eat properly to support your training and to achieve your goals. You can’t outwork a bad diet!
  • Premium facility, premium equipment.
  • Large, semi private, excellently equipped personal training studio.
  • Convenient location, plenty of off street parking.
  • A proven track record of real results and safe training dating back to 2012.
  • Fully equipped locker room facilities with showers and locker storage.
  • Professional business management, reliable communication, and the very best customer service. Zen Planner member management software for easy billing, meticulous record keeping, and handy tools like the mobile app for class reservations.
  • A large, dynamic, and diverse membership base with a very strong sense of community.
  • Regular social events, fitness workshops, competitions, and extracurricular events of all kinds to keep you busy and to help you connect with your fellow athletes.
  • We do good in our community – we regularly fundraise for charity, we support other local businesses (especially those owned by our members!), we collaborate with our competitors, we coordinate volunteer efforts, and we generally strive to make Syracuse a better place to live.