Want to try before you buy? No problem! No two CrossFit gyms are the same, so we encourage prospective members to try out a few classes at various locations to find the best fit. We are happy to offer a trial option that will be appropriate for your level of experience.


Our new members start by going through our 4 day Foundations program where we introduce you to the movements, terminology, and equipment you’ll need to know in regular classes. We offer Foundations every other week, Monday – Thursday, 7:30 – 8:30pm. Click here to view our schedule for upcoming Foundations dates.

Coach Becky teaches Foundations and she is wonderful – she’s super welcoming and an excellent teacher. Most of our new members are NOT athletes or super fit people, there is no preparation or baseline fitness required. Foundations will ease you in gently with a lot of instruction, light drilling of the movements, and a short workout at the end of each class incorporating what you learned that day.

It’s our pleasure to offer you a free Foundations pass so that you can get acquainted with our gym and the training methodology – the information you learn will serve you well, regardless of where you end up. If you decide you’d like to continue with membership after completing Foundations, you’ll be able to sign up easily through our member app. Email ellen@crossfitsyracuse.com with your preferred Foundations dates to set up your free pass.

Experienced CrossFitters

If you are transferring from another CrossFit gym with at least 1 month of experience, come spend a free week training with us trying out any classes you’d like. If you decide you’d like to join after your week is up, you can do so easily from our member app.

Email ellen@crossfitsyracuse.com with your preferred start date to set up your free pass.