Go Further with Personalized Programming

While our group CrossFit classes will challenge and improve CrossFitters at all skill levels, some athletes are looking for custom programming that will target their weaknesses and help them make faster gains. If you aspire to compete, working with a personal coach will accelerate your progress and help you prepare properly for competition events. Remote coaching is available to both local and out of town athletes, CFS members or not.

Several of our talented coaches offer remote coaching and we can match you with the best coach for your specific goals and budget. Their own athletic and competitive experience combine with formal education to give you invaluable advice and quality tailored programming. Cost of remote coaching will depend on the volume of training you’re looking for and the coach you select, but typically ranges from $75 – $150/month.

Provided by Coach:

  • Custom programming emailed weekly on Sundays
  • Answers to questions related to workouts, movements, competition, injury, nutrition, supplementation
  • Regular feedback on general and specific performance
  • Analysis of any video submissions for specific lifts/workouts

Athlete Responsibilities:

  • Email weekly results by Sunday morning, along with any questions and comments
  • Adhere to program strictly – discuss any supplemental training with Coach
  • Provide video footage of specific lifts/WODs as requested
  • Timely payment of monthly fee

To get started with remote coaching, email Dan@CrossFitSyracuse.com.