Why Work With a Personal Trainer?

  • Personalized One-On-One Attention: Your trainer will implement workouts specifically tailored to fit your needs and goals in the privacy of our personal training studio.  This setting is ideal for anyone looking for flexible scheduling and individualized attention to reach goals, work around limitations, or rehab from injury.
  • Motivation & Accountability:  Your trainer is always there to keep you on track!
  • Knowledge:  Your trainer will know the most efficient way to help you attain your goals, whether they involve weight loss, strength gain, increased athleticism, improved health, recovering from an injury, or preparing for an event or competition.
  • Safety:  Your Trainer will always be there to make sure you are moving safely and correctly. Athletes at every level will benefit from trainer supervision and feedback.


30 minutes – $35

45 minutes – $50

60 minutes – $60

To schedule a session, email a trainer directly or Contact Us to learn more.

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Dan Goldberg


Specialties: Competitive athletes, Weightlifters, Mature populations

Mike Elliott


Specialties: Student athletes, Mature populations, Beginners

Pat Commeret


Specialties: Weight loss, Adaptive athletes, Competitive athletes, Foundations makeup sessions

En Ten Eyck


Specialties: Endurance athletes, Sports performance, Weight loss

Katie Piston


Specialties: Yoga, Weight loss, Strength training

Kayleen Wilkinson


Specialties: Gymnastics

Jeff Treistman


Specialties: Olympic weightlifting

Dawn Basciani


Specialties: Sports performance, Rehabilitative exercise