We all know that exercise is only part of the equation in achieving fitness, health and body composition goals. No matter how dialed in your exercise routine may be, without an effective nutrition system to support it, you will never reap the full rewards of your hard work. Food is more than just the fuel we use to run on. Every food decision we make sends a message to our body. It is these messages that give us an opportunity to direct, shape, and remake our health, well being, body composition and performance. With so much information available, navigating those food decisions can be very challenging. Whether you are brand new and looking to simply clean up your diet, or are a seasoned athlete that is looking to take the way you look and perform to the next level, we offer a variety of coaching options centered upon the needs of each individual client.

CrossFit Syracuse’s commitment to professionalism and providing the best in class coaching is carried over into our nutrition program. We don’t prescribe fad diets, but rather implement a sustainable plan to motivate and educate our clients for long term success, and deliver the results their hard work deserves.

Our Nutrition Offerings includes:

– Personalized Nutrition Coaching
– Regular Gym Wide Challenges
– Inbody 270 Machine

Nutrition Coaching Options

Nutrition Consultation – $50

30 minute meeting includes the following:

  • InBody scan
  • Discussion of short term and long term goals, based on scan and personal commitment
  • A tutorial of our nutrition software
  • Overview of portion control and measuring techniques to be successful in nutrition changes

Nutrition Coaching – $150/month

  • Access to nutrition software which allows user to track eating according to individualized macro needs.
  • 3 day detailed diet log reviewed by Coach Ed to look for deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals as well as percentages of macro nutrients consumed.
  • A plan for physical activity to make sure the nutrition and exercise work in harmony.
  • Two 30 min Skype/Facetime conversations per month with Coach Ed.

Contact Coach Ed Ten Eyck to get started – ed@crossfitsyracuse.com

The InBody 270

We are excited to offer our community an incredible medical grade machine that will allow you to truly understand your body. The InBody provides precise and meaningful statistics measuring whole body and segmental body composition. This tool will give you the power to properly lose weight, gain strength, and identify and track imbalances, injuries, and risks for injury.

Schedule a scan with client relations specialist Sophia Sorrentino and she’ll guide you through proper scan procedure for most accurate results. Open to CrossFit Syracuse members, personal training clients, and anyone in the community who is serious about making real progress with fitness or weight loss. Cost is $15/scan or purchase a punch card – 3 scans for $40 or 10 scans for $100. Contact sophia@crossfitsyracuse.com today!