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Our Team


Client Relations Specialist


Education, Experience & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Colgate  University
  • General Manager, The Ridge Tavern 2015-2017

Competitive Experience

  • Arc Race Half Marathon
  • Chilly Chili 5K
  • Wounded Warriors 5K

I have known Ellen and Dan since before CrossFit Syracuse was even a twinkle in their eyes. In 2011, as a long time athlete leaving my sophomore year of college, I found myself missing team sports tremendously, and getting bored with my current workouts.  I played field hockey and ran track in high school and was always very athletic, and very competitive, but found I had no outlet for this now that I was no longer part of a team.  I had gotten very into running at the time, and had just run a half marathon and a slew of other races the year before.  This was great, but it was a goal I had already achieved, and didn’t quite scratch the itch. Luckily I had my cousin, Ellen, who introduced me to Dan’s new endeavor: CrossFit.


As she explained it, I was skeptical – I didn’t quite get it.  It’s just working out, right?  Wrong.  I soon found it was so much more.  I went to my first personal training session with Dan at his old stomping grounds, Fitness Forum, and dragged my sister along because I was nervous.  After the first WOD, I was hooked; I think it took us a week to recover from that workout, and it didn’t help that Dan made us come back again that same week!  I was so sore, so tired, and so in love-this was a workout that scratched the itch.  I trained with him all summer, the following summer, and when I was home on breaks.  Unfortunately, the year after CrossFit Syracuse opened, I moved to Boston and began teaching at a Montessori school.  With Boston prices, and on a teacher’s budget, I couldn’t afford to join a gym there, so I went back to my usual routine, incorporating all Dan had taught me as best I could.


Now, almost 5 years later – I’m back!  When Ellen asked me to come on board I was so excited.  She and Dan are an absolute power couple – I have worked with Ellen over the years at our family’s businesses and have seen what an incredible businesswoman she is.  Pair that with Dan’s experience as an athlete and affinity for training, and you have a killer combo.  I’m thrilled to be here both because I love them, but also because I truly believe in CrossFit and the community they have created here.  When I first began working out with Dan, he took the time to hear my goals, to talk me through all the movements, why they work, and how to do them correctly.  Every single coach here is the same way.  When I returned in spring 2017 I was nervous to get back into training because I had been gone for so long.  But my wedding was approaching and with a little encouragement from the community, I came to my first class. I could not be happier, both with my physical results, and how welcomed I have felt by the members and coaches here.  Now I’m here to welcome all new members and make sure they have the same amazing experience I have had!