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November Athlete of the Month – Brent Lynch

At CFS, we’re blown away every day by the extraordinary work that our members are putting in. We try to give you feedback, encouragement and props whenever possible, but we’ve decided it would be nice to formally recognize one member each month for his/her effort and accomplishments. For the month of November, we’d like to […]

December Athlete of the Month – Emily Zale

Don’t let her sweet smile fool you – this girl squats heavy!  Emily Zale was born with CrossFit in her blood and it’s been our pleasure to watch her discover it. Emily has a rare focus and commitment to her training and nutrition, and she is on a direct path to being in the best […]

January Athlete of the Month – Scott MacCaull

Raise your hand if you’re in your twenties and 41 year old Scott MacCaull has destroyed you in a WOD. There are so many reasons why we’ve picked Scott for the January AOM. He’s one of the toughest competitors in our gym, and he pushes everyone around him to be better. Scott doesn’t let his […]

February Athlete of the Month – Mike Hibbard

Mike Hibbard joined CFS on January 4th, and in three short months he has absolutely transformed his body. He came into our box with an unusual level of intensity and determination, inspired by Super Member Chris Randall. He threw himself into the workouts and the Paleo Nutrition Challenge with reckless abandon and trusted his coaches […]

March Athletes of the Month – Sasha Cadiz & Diana Daino

This month, we’d like to honor a pair of athletes who have demonstrated just how powerful a training partnership can be. Sasha Cadiz and Diana Daino met in the 9:30am weekday class and soon became training buddies. While they have both always worked incredibly hard on their own, we’ve noticed a definite change in their […]

April Athlete of the Month – Brian Rapp

When Brian’s wife Lindsay dragged him into CFS for the first time, he looked bored and skeptical. As they sat up front to watch a class for a few minutes, I think he may have taken a short nap in his chair. Luckily, Lindsay and Brian’s friend from Iron Tribe Fitness convinced him to give CrossFit a try…

July Athlete of the Month – Agnes Weis

This month we’d like to introduce you to someone very special in Coach Dan’s life. At 96 years old, Agnes trained with Dan twice a week without fail until recent health problems put her on the sidelines for now. Agnes’ presence in our gym inspired those around her to view fitness as a lifelong journey. Every […]

September Athlete of the Month – Yan Cao

This month’s athlete of the month is a definite fan favorite – Yan Cao! Yan (pronounced “Yen”) joined CFS at the start of January 2013 and he had quite a long way to go in terms of conditioning and mastering our movements. But Yan was determined and he was patient. He asked questions, scaled appropriately, […]