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September Athlete of the Month – Yan Cao

This month’s athlete of the month is a definite fan favorite – Yan Cao! Yan (pronounced “Yen”) joined CFS at the start of January 2013 and he had quite a long way to go in terms of conditioning and mastering our movements. But Yan was determined and he was patient. He asked questions, scaled appropriately, […]

WOD – 49.1 –

Skill/Strength  Extra Mobility – Soft Tissue -Lax Ball to Lower Back with Feet on the Wall -Lax Ball to Chest leaning into Wall WOD 1 Round 90 KB Swings (53/36) 60 Hand Release Pushups 30 Calorie Row (Dampers L5 only)   Congrats to all the CFS athletes who competed this weekend.  You should all be […]

WOD – 49.0 –

Skill/Strength Extra foam rolling – Lax Ball work – static stretching – mobility etc. Ask the coach for advice if you have an issue WOD 3 min AMRAP – 2 min rest x3 Rounds KB Goblet Squat (53/36) DB Push Press (45/30) -Start each round where you left off on the previous   Scores from […]

WOD – 48.9 –

Skill/Strength L-Sit Test on Paralletts – Two attempts -How long can you keep your straight legs off the Ground??? WOD 4 Rounds for time 10 Pullups (Rx+ Chest to Bar) 20 Deadlifts (135/95) Rx+ (155/105)   Over the last few days a few world records have been broken in the world of Weightlifting. Here they […]

WOD – 48.8 –

Skill/Strength Organize for the WOD WOD Seven Stations – 90 Sec of work at each station – 30 Sec Rest – 2 Rounds Station One – AirDyne Station Two – Ring Rows Station Three – Double Unders Station Four – Slam Ball (20/15) Station Five – V-Ups Station Six – DB Bench Press (35/20) Station […]

WOD – 48.7 –

Skill/Strength Front Rack Mobility – 8 min Run time -Prey Dowel Stretch -Triceps Band Stretch -External Shoulder Rotation w/ Dowel WOD 16 min EMOM (every minute on the minute) Odd Minutes – AMRAP Front Squats (155/105) Even Minutes – AMRAP Lateral Burpee Bar Hops   Scores from Tuesday

WOD – 48.6 –

Skill/Strength 500m Warm Up then 150 meter Row Sprint Challenge -All Rower monitors will be programmed for a 150 meter race and the gym will see who is the King and Queen of the erg!! WOD 1000m Row Buy-In Immediately followed by 3 Rounds of 30 AbMat Situps 20 KB Swings (53/36)Rx+(70/53) 10 Handstand Pushups […]

WOD – 48.5 –

Skill/Strength Warm up the Power Clean, the Jerk and the Snatch Find the single best weight to use for the WOD considering the fact that it is supposed to be done with a single load.  Be conservative with the weight choice so that you can successfully move through the workout without having to deload your […]

WOD – 48.4 –

Skill/Strength Soft Tissue – lax Ball to the common areas – Quad – Low Back – Top Section of the Glutes (right below the belt line) WOD In teams of two complete: 60 Burpees to Plate 60 Pullups 120 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/35) 60 Pullups 60 Burpee to Plate Divide the work in half […]

WOD – 48.3 –

Skill/Strength Front Rack Mobility – 10 min run time Triceps Band Stretch Dowel Prey Stretch External Shoulder Rotation with Dowel WOD 30-20-10 for time Power Clean (95/65) Front Rack Alternating Reverse Lunges (95/65) Burpee Lateral Bar Hops