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April Athlete of the Month – Brian Rapp

When Brian’s wife Lindsay dragged him into CFS for the first time, he looked bored and skeptical. As they sat up front to watch a class for a few minutes, I think he may have taken a short nap in his chair. Luckily, Lindsay and Brian’s friend from Iron Tribe Fitness convinced him to give CrossFit a try…

WOD – 31.5 –

Skill/Strength Little Extra Soft Tissue – Recommendations Calfs on Box – Lax Ball into Lower Back Barbell on Quads Triceps on Barbell WOD 3 rounds for time 12 DB Renegade Rows (40/20) 18 DB Push Press (40/20) 24 Goblet Forward lunges (40/20)   Notes – Do not drop the DBs from Overhead     scores […]

WOD – 31.6 –

Skill/Strength Shoulder PreHab – 2 rounds Band Pull-Aparts – 30 seconds – red bands Standing Shoulder External Rotation – 45 seconds per side – orange bands -attach orange bands to the rig WOD 50 Cal AirDyne Buy In – then… 2 rounds 50 Back Squats (85/55) 50 AbMat Situps   Coooool   scores from Wednesday […]

WOD – 31.7 –

Skill/Strength Just warming up all the movements for the WOD May Benchmark WOD 1 round for time 800 m run 60 H.R. Pushups 50 Box Jumps (24/20) step down! 40 Pullups 30 Power Cleans (95/65)   scores from Thursday   Aren’t you glad you don’t need to deal with this guy at the gym anymore […]

WOD – 31.8 –

Skill/Strength Chest/Shoulder Mobilization  – 3 drills 1 – Anterior Compartment Smash – Lean into wall w/ lax ball into your Pec Minor (we will show you where that is) and take your smashed arm and put it behind your back.  Push into the wall…don’t make the pain face 2- Barbell Shoulder Smash – Don’t make […]

WOD – 31.9 –

Skill/Strength foam roll – stretch Do the mobility from Saturday if you missed it WOD In Teams of two, complete 400 AbMat Situps Rules, Team member A can do situps as long as Team member B is doing DB Goblet Reverse Lunges.  Once team member B stop lunging, Team member A must stop doing situps.  […]

WOD – 32.0 –

Skill/Strength Floss the Quads & Calf w/ Lax Ball WOD 150 Wall Ball for time but… You have to perform 3 Burpees to Plate Jump at the start of every minute (45/25lbs plates)   Congrats to all our runners this weekend, you guys rock!!!

WOD – 32.1 –

Skill/Strength Toes to Bar Drilling WOD 4 min AMRAP x 3 sets – 2 min rest b/w sets 10 Power Cleans (185/135) AMRAP Toes to Bar   Scales: Knees to Elbows – Feet Close to Bar – Hanging High Knees – V-Ups   scores from Monday

WOD – 32.2 –

Skill/Strength Front Rack Mobility – 3 Drills Thoracic Extension – Foam Roller upper back – Hands on Barbell – Pry Open your Upper Back Triceps Stretch w/ Band Off Rig External Rotation w/ Dowel WOD 800m run (stop sign and back 3x) then… 3 rounds of 12 Push Press (135/95) 40 Double Unders (80 Singles) […]

WOD – 32.3 –

Skill/Strength 1 round of 3 stations 2 min of Ring Rows – Max Reps 2 min of Prone Plank hold 15 reps of Band Pull-Aparts WOD 4 min AMRAP x 4 sets – 2 min rest b/w sets 500m Row 15 Box Jumps (30/24) AMRAP Burpees   thanks for all the Facebook love on my […]