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today’s wod

WOD – 173.2 –


1 Legged Wall Sit – 30 seconds per side x 1 set (keep other foot off floor and no, you can’t rest it on your working leg)

2 Legged Wall Sit – 60 seconds x 1 set


Segmented Power Clean + Jerk – Build to a heavy single

The purpose of this is to reinforce proper positions during the clean. Please do not exceed any weight where your positions begin to falter b/c that would defeat the purpose of this exercise. We will be pausing for 2 seconds at the knee before continuing the lift to completion. When at the knee, shoulders should be over the bar or slightly in front with weight in the middle of the foot.


1 Round

40 Power Clean and Jerk (135/95) Rx+ 185/125


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